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finding what you love

Finding what you love can be life’s saving grace. It serves as a distraction, an esteem booster, a blissful waste of time and if you’re lucky and work hard, what you love could even be your job.  I’ve had many loves in my life that have played an important role in my life.


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Music was always playing in my house since I was a baby. I remember being woken up on the weekends by my parents blasting music of Cher, Simon and Garfunkel and Dianne Warwick along with Italian and Latin artists while my mom made breakfast. After elementary school, I entered into the standard identity crisis phase known as junior high and when asked if I wanted to join the band, it was an immediate yes. After graduating high school, I left the band playing to work for record labels. Although I’m no longer in the industry, my love for music has been a life BFF.


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A subset of music, I learned I could move my body to music and wasn’t too bad at it. Watching choreography on music videos, on shows like So You Think You Can Dance and something called YouTube, I became fascinated with how others interpret music in the form of body movements. I always danced, but it wasn’t until I became a hip hop instructor at the gym that I fell in love with it. I could burn calories, be creative and listen to my favorite music full blast. It was my creative outlet in the corporate world and loved every second of it.


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I never liked despise working out. I’d rather jump off a cliff than spend my time on a treadmill, doing squats, or climbing a stair master that never gets anywhere. However, I have always liked the feeling of being strong. Kickboxing did that for me, but it was always mixed in with stupid laps and high knees. I never, in a million years, thought I’d love yoga the way I do. It has become my life-support when I am stressed. I feel better after spending an hour in downward dogs and warrior poses and look forward to getting sweaty and building strength. I found a yoga studio that has an amazing energy and compassion for the practice. I love the yoga space.


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I’ve always written. From diaries in grade school, marketing stories for new product launches and now this blog and my writing career, I have found that this is the space I can express myself in ways that is filled with passion, unrestricted guidelines, creativity and most of all, love. I first started writing because I needed an outlet to voice my frustration with the corporate world. I was not happy with my job and needed a place to let that out. My blog, personal and private at first, has become a platform to meet others like me, allow me to be in the creative space 24/7, and ultimately the possibility of making a career out of what I truly love. That’s the goal right?

Finding a love, something you can’t wait to do or look forward to, makes all the difference. My loves have come at different times in my life, but have all left a substantial footprint in the everyday and still exist in one way or another.

I’d love to know, what is your love?